New gearbox can reduce the fuel consumption 50 - 80 %

The third international environmental report from the UN's environmental panel estimates that until 25 % of all species on the earth e.g. more than 1 million will die out within 2050 if we don't do anything about the enormous emission of the climate gas CO 2 . Then it is a real pleasure to be able to inform about a new invention that will solve this problem without restrictions on driving. That can contribute to that the world can reach the Kyoto-agreement 5 to 7 times without reducing the standard of living, and contribute to that the worlds total oil recourses will last at least 100 % longer. That we can use less material and recourses in every single car, tractor, ship, plane etc and the industry throughout the whole world can get a new boom. We can heavily reduce the noise emission from all vehicles. How we can solve all these problems are actually very simple. What really was the big challenge was to invent the technical invention that was necessary. Now, I have managed to do that and the new technical solution is very robust, simple and compact.

Why the dramatic reduce in fuel consumption?
With my new invention, an absolute continuous gearbox which can be built in all sizes from very small gears for mopeds and cars to the quite large ones for ships and planes, everyone can get absolute correct and minimum fuel consumption. In every vehicle there is a gearbox and where it isn't like in large ships and planes there should have been one. With the present gearboxes you change gears in steps. Therefore the engine almost never runs at optimum speed. As an illustration of this we can use a car that moves at the speed of 120 km/h (75 mph) on a freeway. With today's gearboxes the car engine must run at the speed of 3000 revolutions per minute because of the gear ratio in the gearbox. But when you put in a continuous gearbox, like mine with much higher ratio, the car engine can rotate at only 1000 revolutions per minute because measurements have shown that only 7 to 15 kW (10 to 20 hp) engine power are needed to keep the speed. Because the fuel consumption is in proportion to the engine rotating speed, the fuel consumption already here will be reduced to 1/3! And because you already today have standard car engines that produces up to 370 kW (500 hp) from a 2 liter engine the engine volume can be reduced to 1/3 because you still get enough power with good margin to accelerate and keep the car at 120 km/h. Since the consumption is in proportion with the engine volume, the fuel consumption for this reason as well can be reduced further down to 1/3 of the previous level! When we multiply the effect from these two conditions, we get the very sensational result, that without reducing the speed we can reduce the fuel consumption in this common driving condition to 1/9 of what you use today, and with much better driving comfort and considerable lower noise level. If it is not a sensation to reduce the fuel consumption with almost 90 % then nothing is! And all these even before we have started taking into consideration the additional savings from reduced weight of engine, gearbox, wheel suspension, fuel tank, body work and better aero dynamic profile with additional reduce in the need for engine size. The engine size can be based on the simple fact that from now on the engine can be dimensioned only from the power need without taking into consideration the engine torque. Technically skilled people understand what I mean . Corresponding calculations and measurements can of course be done for other running conditions like idle running, acceleration, etc. A computer adjusts the gear ratio in the new continuous gear box and the engine speed to the most optimum running condition several times each second.

Fantastic savings for you as a customer
I have till this day never met a sole person who is happy for huge fuel expenses, and rightly so. The fuel expenses for a car are so large that the savings with the new generation cars with our continuous gear-box will be just as large as the car price. In addition the car will be cheaper because the engine, self-starter, fuel tank, exhaust system, cooler, engine suspension etc will be reduced in size. This even though the car gets faster acceleration and driving comfort. The car will be more pleasant to drive because all engine speed adjustments and gear variation will be controlled by a computer. The computer will do this better than any person because the computer adjusts to correct settings many times each second. The car will run much more silent due to more correct engine speed and because it is easier to noise insulate. Therefore you will get a much more silent car where you can really enjoy listening to music or talk to other people in the car. In addition you will have longer periods between service, less repairs and maintenance because the engine rotates fewer revolutions each mile. The brakes will be less strained because much more of speed reduction will be done by the engine. Some of the money you save on fuel you can, with very good conscience, spend on more equipment or whatever you would like since consume of nature resources is very tiny for producing fantastic stereo sound systems, navigation systems, luxurious seats, etc. The rewards for the manufacturers that will participate in this largest generation change in history are considerably lower production costs and fantastic sale because the whole old car and trailer fleet must be renewed within few years because of the high fuel consumption and exhaust emission. This must be a proper compensation for participation in this hard work. Therefore we are convinced that this new generation cars will be on the market within very few years.

0-60 mph (96 km/h) in half the time
Car manufacturers and car magazines give almost always figures of how fast cars can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h). When we compare this numbers with calculated values of how fast a car should accelerate it is easy to see that the cars should have reached 60 mph (96 km/h) within approximately half the time. This is easy to calculate because we have both the weight and the engine power. The reason for this great difference is solely due to today's gear-boxes that make it impossible for the engine to work at optimal speed and with optimal power output during the entire acceleration. Because the gear changes in steps the engine will during acceleration time almost never work optimal and therefore almost never give maximum power output. This will be different with our new gear. When “kick-down”, with our continuous gear-box, the computer will increase the engine speed to that which gives maximal power output and subsequently increase the gear ratio continuously so the maximum power will be transferred to the wheels absolutely all the time. The cars will thus accelerate about two times as fast as today. The numbers shows that this will give a typical family car accelerating skills about the same as today's sports cars. And this with less fuel consumption because the engine always goes with excellent efficiency during the whole acceleration and because the acceleration time is much shorter.

For all other crafts and machines as well
What furthermore is exceptional is that this gearbox and corresponding optimizing can be done in all other machines that need gears as well. That is everything from tractors, trucks, forest machines, construction equipment, wheel loaders, manufacturing plants etc to ships and air-planes. This will contribute to an optimization and more efficient machines that probably are without parallel so far. You will get the work done much more efficient and faster, with reduced noise and less energy- and material consumption and all machines will be much simpler to operate correctly. In order to manage this new era, we need powerful cooperation between people with positive enthusiasm. We therefore want contact with car, truck, ship and machine manufacturers that need our continuous gear in their future products so that we can bring this forward into the market as fast as possible. The world need this now. To you who want to cooperate with us because you need this type of products or want to contribute to growth and prosperity everywhere can contact us on email:

Enormous environmental benefits
When we have taken this new invention into use this will carefully estimated result in:

That the worlds yearly oil consume will be reduced with 11 - 17 billion barrels each year. The result is that the oil sources in the world will last for at least a 100 % longer period of time.
The CO 2 - emission to the atmosphere will be reduced with at least 6 - 10 billions metric tons each year. This means that we can manage to make a reduction that probably will be large enough, in accordance with the climate experts to avoid the extermination of the one million species on earth that are in danger.
All old and environmental dangerous cars, ships, planes and other machines will be ousted.
The Materials we then will reprocess gives us then an opportunity to produce new and environmentally friendly equipment in a safe and good manner.
Since small engines that always go optimally are much lighter to noise insulate the noise nuisance in today's society can be reduced to a minimum.
A huge number of people have been killed every year in the later years and several times that number have been hardly injured in the traffic. When all cars and machines become much simpler to drive and all of them are constructed in accordance with the newest methods I assume that this can be strongly reduced with all that involves in less pain, sorrows and costs.

Works and welfare for all
One of the huge problems in today's society is the lack of profitable and useful work. You will get these now . There will be work for millions of people to produce new gear-boxes for new machines since the old ones are going to be replaced within a ten year period . To produce the new machines it will be work for 10 times that number. If all the older machines with old gear boxes have to be changed within a ten years period it will be work for approx. 60 million people in this industry alone . In addition to the industrial work for making all the new vehicles and machines that have to be designed and manufactured, everything of all the old equipment need to be recycled in an environmentally good and safe manner. We will also get optimism and belief in the future everywhere, from the technical universities to those who work with health and welfare. Many countries work hard today with large costs for importing oil and materials combined with high unemployment. If the oil consumption goes down to half or even lower of what it is today, many countries like for instance USA might again be nearly self-contained with oil. It will be established a lot of new jobs that will contribute to an incredible growth in the value making and prosperity to cope with the trade balance versus foreign countries. We reckon that this possibility will be highly appreciated.  


Written by M.Sc. Mech. Eng. Tron-Halvard Fladby 18/06/2004